Beez Knees

The Beez Kneez, owned and founded by Kristy Lynn Allen, is a pedal-powered beekeeping social enterprise that focuses on sustainable beekeeping practices, education and advocacy.

Mississippi Mushrooms

Mississippi Mushrooms is an urban, indoor mushroom farm located on the banks of the Mississippi river in Minneapolis, MN

JD Rivers' Children's Garden

JD Rivers' Children's Garden's offers youth programs to provide gardening plots and farming education to kids throughout the growing season.

Growing Lots Farm

Growing Lots is a one acre farm located in the heart of the Seward neighborhood. Taya and Seamus transformed a vacant parking lot into a thriving vegetable farm, that provides produce to local restaurants, CSA members, and farmers markets.

Spark-Y Youth Action Labs

Spark-Y Youth Action Labs is a non-profit operating an indoor urban farm to teach youth empowerment through sustainable systems and entrepreneurship. Spark-Y's farming is aquaponic, vermicompost, and waste-as-a-resource focused.